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1st Class Resources

The links below contain resources suitable for use on 1st Class courses.

Cadet Log Book

The relevant pages for 1st class can be found here.

CW15 - The Chart

The basics on Charts.

The chart symbols used for lights, including colours, patterns, etc.

CW16 - Compasses

A compass card with named points (e.g. N, NE, NNE).

A compass card with degree points.

Some details on types of compasses, variation/deviation, corrections and calculations.

Lots of detail on compasses, Variation and Deviation, correcting for errors, etc.

CW17 - Chartwork

Not actually in the SCC syllabus, but waypoint webs can be fun to do, and are especially useful on faster craft.

Image of a transit

Another transit image.

Image showing good and bad three point fixes.

Some explanations of the 1st Class chartwork and plotting techniques.

Explanation of a Course To Steer.

CW18 - Tides

A Powerpoint presentation adapted from RYA material that includes Rule of Twelths, secondary port calculations and tidal streams.

Useful RYA image summarising neaps and springs quite neatly.

CW19 - Buoys

A Powerpoint presentation that includes lights on buoys.

A long Powerpoint quiz covering buoyage in detail, including IALA B, preferred channels, etc. TO BE ADDED SOON

An image from RYA BN&S showing typical usage of buoys in a harbour.

Another RYA image showing one way of how to tell the direction of tide by looking at a buoy.

RYA image showing which direction to pass IALA A lateral marks going into harbour.

CW20 - Safety and Distress

Image showing the common problem of reading off a GPS fix wrongly in an emergency - this can cause major problems for a SAR operation!

Image of marine VHF radios.

CW21 - Lights and Daymarks

Some resources to go here...

CW22 - Sound Signals

Some resources to go here...

CW23 - Rules of the Road

Some resources to go here...

CW24 - Steering Rules

Some resources to go here...

CW25 - GPS and Electronic Charts

Some resources to go here...

CW23 - Passage Planning

Some resources to go here...

London Area Chartwork Specialisation