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London Area Chartwork Specialisation


Some useful (and fun!) videos to both teach and entertain the course participants. Whilst the videos can be enjoyable, do try to relate them to some aspects of the course, rather than just use them for the sake of having some videos! I have split them down into possible related categories, however some could span several topics within Chartwork. Please note some are fairly large (~10MB), so depending on your connection speed may take a while to download.

Passage Planning

The Whitstable Atlantic 75 RNLI lifeboat going out into some rough conditions.

What happens when you hit a wave wrongly at speed?

Bad planning can lead to this!


One of my favourites, a video of that famous story with the USS Montana.

How not to use a VHF radio 1...

How not to use a VHF radio 2...

How not to use a VHF radio 3...

Collision Regulations (IRPCS)

Two boats don't see each other...

Useful RYA image summarising neaps and springs quite neatly.

London Area Chartwork Specialisation