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Cadet Training Resources

The main resources are split into 3rd, 2nd and 1st class, which can be found using the sublinks on the left. Videos are kept separately - these could be applied to any level, given the appropriate commentary to make them relevant to the course.

Please note that all the resources here have been provided by other SCC instructors, in some cases adapted from other organisations, and are not definitive guides/resources. They are intended to be used as a starting point, particularly for instructors new to the discipline. Instructors will need to familiarise themselves with any resources, to ensure they can clearly present and explain the content, ensuring it is related to the course they are teaching! Anyone wishing to adapt any of these resources for their own needs/style should feel free to do so.

Some resources are suitable for using at all levels, particularly for revision - as you go up the levels, you are required to remember all the points learnt previously! For ease of use, resources suitable for all levels will be displayed on each page, although they are actually the same resource.

Obviously this site will only work if instructors contribute the resources they are using - if you have any electronic resources (or descriptions on how to make any physical aids you might use) then please let us know via the "Contact" section.

London Area Chartwork Specialisation