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A series of useful links for the various subjects taught within chartwork, and related topics. Obviously this represents only a very small subset of the navigation information available on the internet - if you have any favourite links then please email us!

Chartwork (Theory) links

Some very useful Flash animations of EP, CTS, Tides, Buoyage and IRCPS.

SailTrain provides online articles about most aspects of nautical navigation, including most Yachtmaster topics.

The RNLI online simulator has good animations for many of the Chartwork tasks.

Skysail Training has a mine of information, examples and tutorials online.

Organisational links

Sea Cadet headquarters site - for all the SCC forms and admin you will ever need!

RYA - our national association for many kinds of boating, including shorebased Navigation courses.

The Royal Institute of Navigation, which aims to unite all those with an interest in Navigation.

The public Sea Cadet site.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme.


Below are some of the Navigation books that I own, that I would recommend to others.

The RYA Book of Navigation (Tim Bartlett) - the definitive guide from the RYA that covers all topics necessary for Day Skipper and Yachtmaster.

The Complete Day Skipper (Tom Cunliffe) - a complete guide to all topics on the Day Skipper course, with full explanations and examples.

The Complete Yachtmaster (Tom Cunliffe) - a complete guide to all topics on the Yachtmaster course, with full explanations and examples.

The Skipper's Pocketbook (Basil Mosenthal) - a very good pocket reference guide for instructors, that covers everything up to Yachtmaster level. This is more a memory aid that a full book.

The RYA Weather Handbook (Chris Tibbs) - the RYA's guide to marine weather, for those who are particularly interested in meteorology.

The RYA VHF Handbook (Tim Bartlett) - the RYA's guide to marine VHF radio, a useful companion for those who are doing (or who have already done) the RYA VHF SRC certificate.

London Area Chartwork Specialisation