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Chartwork Overview

Seamanship (Chartwork) is the Sea Cadet specialisation that teaches cadets some of the most important aspects of nautical navigation. This isn't just limited to looking at charts - as you will see from the syllabi, each level involves a number of distinct tasks, including understanding the information on the chart, tides, course plotting and calculations, buoyage, safety and distress, day shapes, lights and much more.

A message from the ASO Navigation

Chartwork, which should really be called Navigation, is one of the most interesting and exciting Specialisations available for cadets. Every ship's captain and navigating officer, in either our Royal or Merchant navies, will have started their navigation training studying a very similar syllabus to that laid down for Sea Cadets.

London is leading the rest of the Areas in ensuring that Navigation is treated as probably the most important Specialisation for cadets. It is establishing resources throughout the Area, including instructor courses, presence at District MT weekends and its own RYA Recognised Training Centre, as well as this website, to ensure quality training for all.

Instructors who qualify to teach and, as a result, cadets who subsequently qualify, should take much pride in wearing the Specialisation badge of Seamanship (Chartwork) and visibly demonstrating to all they have the foundation knowledge to be real Seamen.

Nick Moulton MBE MRIN
Lt Cdr (SCC) RNR
ASO Navigation
London Area

London Area Chartwork Specialisation