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SCC and the RYA

One of the most commonly asked questions is "how do RYA qualifications map to the SCC Chartwork qualifications?", for those cadets who have already taken RYA courses. Luckily, in London Area, the answer is relatively simple!

3rd Class - There is no RYA equivalent at this level.

2nd Class - RYA Basic Navigation and Safety (BN&S).

1st Class - RYA Day Skipper.

If you come across cadets with either RYA BN&S or RYA Day Skipper qualification, then get in contact with the ASO Chartwork, who will be delighted to convert them into an SCC qualification!

The only problem lies in that RYA qualifications have to be awarded by RYA instructors, through an RYA registered training centre. As such, SCC qualifications cannot be automatically converted into RYA qualifications without attending a further RYA-recognised course. In London Area, RYA-recognised courses for cadets are available through TS Rebel, and for staff may also be run at Area staff multi-training events.

London Area Chartwork Specialisation