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About the RYA VHF SRC course

The RYA VHF SRC course is the definitive qualification for operating a marine VHF radio on leisure vessels. On successful completion of this course, the candidate will be authorised to operate the latest marine VHF DSC radios, and will have an understanding of other safety equipment available under the GMDSS umbrella. This is an RYA certificated course run under the RYA recognition of TS Rebel - all successful candidates will receive a certificate/licence issued by the RYA.

This course is designed to be very practical, with most of the activities being conducted as hands on training. The course will be run using brand new specially modified Standard Horizon GX1500E training radios, and the Lightmaster computer simulator. All students will be operating the radios throughout the duration of the course, so will become very familiar with how to operate a marine VHF set, the various messages and alerts that can be sent and the standard voice procedures. Because successful completion of this course allows the candidate to operate marine VHF radio equipment, there is a brief written test (including both multiple choice and short written answers) at the end of the course. This test is set by the RYA, typically takes candidates no more than 30 minutes to complete, and is simply there to confirm that you have understood the contents of the course.

The VHF SRC course is typically run over 1 or 2 days, with a maximum of 6 students (whether cadets or adults). This low number ensures all students get plenty of time operating the radios and simulators. Have a look on the Syllabus page, and you'll find that this course covers a plethora of topics. As such, over 1 day it can be a very intensive course - students should be aware of this and be prepared for a busy day!

The RYA is contracted assess candidates for the VHF SRC certificate on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the syllabus for which confirms to the CEPT (European Telecommunications Union) rules. RYA VHF Assessors are specially trained RYA instructors, who also hold RYA instructional qualifications in other disciplines. This course will be very different from your typical SCC comms course, with far more emphasis on learning and practicing communications that relate to our activities on the water as Sea Cadets!

For full details of the topics covered on this course, please see the Syllabus link on the left.

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