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RYA VHF SRC syllabus

The following presents a rough outline of the subjects and topics that will be covered on the course. Despite this list, remember that this is a mainly practical course - much of the time is dedicated to using the radios, ensuring candidates are familiar and confident with the equipment.

1.) Basic radio controls and usage - learn how to use the main control features found on a modern VHF radio.

2.) Licensing - who is allowed to use a Marine VHF radio, how do you go about applying for the necessary licence(s)?

3.) Who can we talk to, and what can we hear - learn about the various users of Marine band VHF radios, what messages we might hear (or transmit), range, channels, simplex/duplex.

4.) Radio training - we cover calling other stations, what channels to use for each situation, procedure words, DSC alerts, phonetic alphabet revision.

5.) GMDSS - the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

6.) Distress, Urgency, Safety - we need to know how to define each situation, and what we can do in each case.

7.) Rules and Regulations - what are you allowed to do with a Marine VHF radio?

If you have any questions about the syllabus, feel free to send an email to the appropriate contact via the Contact Us page.

London Area Chartwork Specialisation